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In our 30 years of service in personal injury and Worker’s Compensation law in Southern California, the Ariel Law Group has always fought for those injured by the negligence of others. Our compassion for our clients and vigorous work in court and at the settlement table have yielded numerous victories and sizeable settlements for the injured party and their families.

Here is what our satisfied clients have to say after working with Ariel Law.

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Frank and his team will care for you like no other firm. Thankful to have met him and to now be able to call him a friend.

Harrison Ashdown

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Excellent attorney, had the fortune of finding a honest hardworking group of people for the people. My experience has been without worry. My case was handled with due diligence, respect, open communication throughout the process. My only part was making sure my family was well rested.

Cecilia Ibarra

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Such a great guy to work with! Highly, highly recommended!!!!!

Jonathan Domo

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HE IS THE BEST............

Albert Zakhor

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I would highly recommend Mr. Ariel, his work is efficient, timely, and on 3 different occasions i have trusted him to represent me and the outcome has always been satisfying. He's polite, and has that drive those attorneys use to defend you will all their might if they have to and as it looks i will be hiring him again very soon.

Vanessa Rivera

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This is a great law firm from the receptionist to the paralegals to my attorney for lif Mr.Frank. i would recommend his law firm to anyone anyday. Emails are answered in a timely manner. Monica handled my case and she was impeccable at her job. The law firm went the extra 10 miles for me. Not only did they make sure i got my treatment but they made sure i was takem care of while i was out. Great job Ariel Law Group.

Robert Castro

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Most definitely the best attorney in Los Angeles I want to say the world because Frank Ariel and staff is the best no exaggeration needed hands down I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to any other attorney I take Frank everywhere I go. Not literally but on my key chain.

Donjae White

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Fantastic lawyer!

Raffi Kurby

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Frank and his staff are remarkably good at what they do. I was not one of their most high profile client, yet they worked very hard to settle my case to my own satisfaction. I feel that whatever I may say to promote their work will sadly fall short. So, I'll simply say that if you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing professional assistance in such matter, you will not be disappointed with the effort of Frank and his legion of well-trained and caring professionals. Special shout out to Monica, who was always attentive to my efforts regarding status updates on my case. I thank you all of a job well done. God speed and good luck to you all.

Alok B.

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They are the best ever! You need to go to them if you’ve gotten in an accident. They are very trustworthy and know the best way to get you what you need!

Dani L.

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A few years back maybe 3 to 4, i used Ariels services and it went great and fast he made sure you were priority and always had doctors at the tip of his fingers took about a year to solve the accident but it didn't even seem like a year he was always straight forward never around the bush !

Esmeralda B.

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I am 1000% satisfied with my experience with Ariel Law Group. I feel like they took every step necessary to do what was best for me. Not only did I get the treatment I needed after my accident, but also a very generous settlement. I would do business with them in a heartbeat. Thank you everyone at Ariel Law Group.

Thomas B.

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This law firm went above and beyond to fight my case I couldn't be happier with the outcome. They were prompt with their responses and always kept me updated and informed about the status of my case.

Naomi H.

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He is the best! he helped me on my case 12/2014 on my car accident the good thing is that i talked to him in person, not by phone like others or thru secretary he is so professional and the staff is verry understanding i remember when i first met him and Maricela Thank you Frank.

Mary A.

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Don't write many reviews but want you all to know about the Ariel Law Group. Frank Ariel and his staff are extremely helpful and incredibly easy to work with.

This was the first time I have ever needed representation and I was a bit unsure how to even go about finding someone or if I even had a case at all. Frank brought me into his office for a brief, honest, and highly educational review of my case. From here it was a breeze.

I worked closely with Frank and his staff (esp. Monica) to review my car accident, pictures and statements, and the pain I was experiencing. They did a great job of walking me through the process so I knew exactly what to expect. My case was open for almost a full year and never once was there any lapse in communication. I knew my case was being paid constant attention and that they were doing a very thorough job.

I am extremely appreciative of the support and help I received and would definitely recommend the Ariel Law Group.

S C.

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I Absolutely love Lorena she was so helpful with my claim. She is understanding and Trustworthy. She gave my case the attention and dedication it deserved. I highly recommend Ariel Law services if you have got into an accident. I am Satisfied with my experience.

Stephanie G.

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Really happy for the outcome on my case. This law firm is very responsive and they got back to me every time I called. The work amazing. Never doubted one but that they can get me a good result. Frank is very intelligent and polite and makes you feel good about the case and all. I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Magaly G.

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After one full year of sitting around waiting to be denied I finally was introduced to Ariel and I wish I had sooner he was able to get my maximum claim with in it felt like weeks thanks team and the bonus is lovely great staff that really makes things seem possible.

Brandon F.

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Ariel Law Group is your place to go. They handled my family's case with professionalism. They take pride in what they do and give you the best results. They answered all my questions and kept me updated on the whole process from beginning to end. Will I ever recommended ARIEL LAW GROUP?? Yes, without a doubt.

Karen D.

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Frank Ariel law firm takes the time to inform you and find the best legal solutions to each individuals case.I have been blessed to have the best team working on my family's care and best interest. The professional knowledge by all the staff is outstanding. You are a person , not a file to them wether your case is small or large you get the same determined hardworking team on your side. Thank you all at Frank Ariel law firm.

Cecilia I.

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Frank Ariel law group is very professional and emotional with their clients. They make you feel like a part of their family. Their staff is very knowledgeable and smart. Specially, Frank is so nice to me that I feel like my big brother was handling my case, and plus he did won my case. I am happy and lucky that my case was handled by them.

Sandeep A.

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Frank Ariel and his team were very helpful and knowledgeable and guided us through every step of the way, defiantly recommend to anyone who needs auto accident help. I mean I have. Two different cases.

Graciie P.

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Being in an accident for the second time , Ariel Law Group was an totally different experience. Recommended by my daughter- in-law , because she was there with me in the first accident . She was fully aware of my feeling toward Attorney's and all the issue that occurred with my last accident, But when I met Karen she was very professional caring and understanding to my situation and all of my concerns that I had from my last accident. I would recommended Ariel to any whois i need of an attorney's.

Kimberly A.

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Being in an accident for the first time, I felt extremely lost. But thankfully I was recommended to the amazing Ariel Law Group.

Monica took great care of me from beginning to end. From the very beginning she showed extreme knowledge of my situation, she gave me a run down of what to expect and what they will do. She helped me with the insurance company and made sure I got the best care possible.

Speaking with Frank Ariel, gave me certainty that I got the best settlement and that they fought for me. He provided great information and showed genuine concern for me.

Thankful for them being able to accommodate me and go the extra mile. I am so thankful to put this accident behind and I know I'll be recommending them to others.

Emi M.

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Mr Ariel been a good lawyer to me and my family he's one of the best lawyers I dealt with he's fair and really cares about his clients I recommend his law firm to anyone that's in need of a professional and caring lawyer I want to thank u so much and your staff that's always nice and treating me with the most rest.


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Very Professional. I had been referred to them and they are amazing. I was in a terrible accident that wasn't my fault and I barely had to lift a finger to get my settlement. And I settled for more money than I expected. I would recommend to anyone!! Monica was very assertive with my case.

Donald T.

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Frank Ariel is a Mindful, Caring, Skilled attorney with a great team. I highly recommend Ariel Law Group. Honest, hardworking, straight shooter, on top it, professional...I can go on, but you get the gist of it. Totally changed my view of working with a PI attorney. You feel like your uncle and his family have your back while you're taking care of your back! I rarely write reviews, but this one is a must because people need to know that people like Frank and his team still exist. Thank you Ariel group, every one of you helped me to go through this challenging time as smoothly as possible.

Tala G.

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Ariel law group is a great firm. They went above and beyond to help me with my car accident case. They update us every step of the way. They treated me with respect. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you ariel law group!!!

Alexis T.

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I was extremely satisfied with the level of attention that was given to our case and we were kept up to date on all progress made. Thank you for making a stressful situation easier to handle.

Manuel S.

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Honestly, so grateful for this law firm. They helped me with my case. Helped me get treatment for my injuries and were very helpful with helping me understand the procedure and how long it would take to get this case closed. Definitely would recommend to others.

Nellie H.

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If you get into a accident Frank Ariel is the man to see great attorney. Most attorneys give you the run around and refer you to others not Ariel law group great and fantastic staff, they always answer all of your questions and concerns right away keep you updated on your case most of all you speak to Frank personally not always just the receptionist but not to mention the receptionist as well as the staff can also answer any questions and concerns just as if you were talking to Frank himself I'm very pleased to have Frank as an attorney I would not go to any other law firm. Once again thanks again Frank Ariel and staff.

Donjae W.

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Frank Aariel and his team worked hard for me. I felt supported the whole way and when the other side(big insurance company and lawyers) were dismissing me and my injuries... Frank, Arlo and the rest dug in and got me taken care of.

Brian D.

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Mr.Frank Ariel and his law group team were proficient, excellent and determined to help me throughout my case. When I had my car accident I immediately contacted Mr.Ariel and he took care of me right away fought hard and got me top dollar for my case . I would highly recommend Mr.Ariel and his team to everyone and anyone who has any type of legal issues. Thank you Mr.Ariel and your team for helping me out tremendously I really appreciate everything you've done.

Don D.

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They were very helpful & answered all of my questions and concerns immediately! Overall the experience was great.

Chris E.

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Primeramente estoy muy contenta con los servicios de Frank y sus representantes porque siempre tenían tiempo para contestar mis llamadas o pregunta que yo tenía. Ellos siempre se preocuparon por mi salud médica y estuvieron al tanto de asearme citas con doctores y especialistas. Para concluir yo recomiendo a Ariel Law group para cuando lo necesiten. Es una persona muy agradable y respetuosa igual que todo su equipo.

Lidi G.

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If you ever need someone to represent you, Frank is the one. His team is super friendly and they are always available to answer questions at all times. I truly felt comfortable receiving services from them. They are a super reliable team who are trustworthy and find ways to better serve their clients and meet their clients needs. Like I mentioned before, Ariel Law Group is the place to call if you ever need assistance. Thank you, Monica, Lorena, Arlo, and Frank for always making us feel welcome and meeting all our needs.

Yuli G.

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Recently got into a fender bender and my car was totaled. Frank's team was on top of things from day 1 and dealt on the insurance matters on behalf of me. Dealing with insurance companies is a pain so this was a big help. They also got me medical treatment and fair compensation for my vehicle. I would highly recommend Frank and his team for all car accident matters.

Sebastian R.

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Thank you so much Frank and the team at Ariel Law Group for assisting my daughter and I during our car accident. This was my first experience having a car accident and I thank you for your assistance. I would highly recommend your services to anyone I know. Thank you again for being outstanding.

Porscha W.

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Frank and his team will take great care of you. Frank is clearly very passionate about what he does and it shows by the way he deals with you. Highly recommend his services to all.

Harrison A.

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Although the process for my accident took more than a year, Frank and his team kept in constant contact with me. They answered all my questions and concerns--and I had plenty. I highly recommend them if you want to receive the best service. Ask for Lorena or Frank!

Ignacio C.

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If you need representation Frank is the one. He works hard along with his staff to make sure you're taken care off. In my case, he went a step further and took care of medical bills himself. Big relief!!! I was always kept up to date by staff (Lorena) and had my concerns answered quickly. She was awesome and very professional.

I highly recommend Ariel law group.

Meño B.

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I was a passenger in an auto accident in which the driver of the car I was in skipped out of town, before anything could be resolved. I thought that I had nothing coming to me even though I was the one taken away in an ambulance. Frank and his wonderful group fought for me and ended up getting all of my medical bills covered and a nice settlement for me!

I am so very grateful to Frank for what he does and how he does it, with Integrity!

Thank you Ariel Law Group!

Wendy S.

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Frank Ariel and his team helped me through all the tough times of a confusing and emotionally draining process--I am so grateful for their patience and attention to so many details. They were reassuring and thorough from beginning to end. . .a nearly 2 year process! Wow! They were there for me the entire time. I am very thankful for their support and the way they took care of so many complicated factors with my best interests and concerns always in mind. Their hard work brought about much relief to a distressing experience. I definitely recommend the Ariel Law Group.

J N.

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I cant believe a man like this could help our family soo much.

After my mother's accident, she was crippled to a halt, and Frank got us the money we needed.

The case was long, but it was conducted quickly.

I cant thank this man enough. Thank you for being there for us Frank!

Raffi K.

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