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Every lawsuit has its unique set of circumstances that make it worth a variable amount. While the Ariel Law Group cannot tell you with certainty that your case will bring you millions of dollars, we fight aggressively for the best outcome for you.

Here are some of the results we have received from past cases.

$3.2 Million

Wrongful death settlement

$2.8 Million

Premises liability verdict

$2.2 Million

Wrongful death settlement

$1.75 Million

Car accident settlement

$1.5 Million

Car accident verdict

When you come for your free consultation with Ariel Law Group, we will talk with to you to get the details of your case and give you an assessment of it potential. Our goal is to make sure you are compensated for the economic and non-economic damages that can result from the negligence of others.

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Our team of attorneys is passionate about the rights of our clients, and we will work hard to win your case. For information or to arrange a

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