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Motorcycles are popular among California residents. Much of California has pleasant weather almost all year. Motorcycle riding is prevalent in California because outdoor activities like this flourish in warm weather. Motorcycle riding, while enjoyable for some, is fraught with danger. It is more riskier than driving a car. In the United States, the death rate for motorcycle riders is 28 times that of car occupants.

Riding a motorbike may have advantages, particularly in maintenance and fuel efficiency. It also increases endorphin levels, which improves your mood and mental condition. Motorcycle riding, on the other hand, is fraught with danger. Motorcycles are more vulnerable to weather, and riders are more likely to be wounded or killed.

Motorcycles, how dangerous are they?

Riding a motorbike is one of the greatest pleasures in life, just a tiny percentage of people in the car-obsessed Western world can do so. It is explained in part by the perceived danger of riding a motorcycle. However, it is arguable if the gravity of the threat is natural or a misunderstanding.

Motorcycling may need more concentration and cognitive function than driving a car. The act is more physically and emotionally taxing than driving any four-wheeled vehicle. There are more variables and hence more chances for a mistake. When things go wrong on a motorbike, the results may be catastrophic.

There is no way to eliminate risk; thus, cycling always includes some trouble. When used recklessly, they may be as hazardous as vehicles or weapons. Deadly incidents do happen even in the hands of a highly educated and mature user. Proper training and use make a significant impact.

How safe are motorcycles in California?

Motorcycles are riskier in collisions than other cars because they lack safety equipment such as airbags and metal frames. When a motorbike crashes, the rider is likelier to be flung from the vehicle and smash into the ground or other objects. This can result in serious injury. Motorcycles are also more likely to produce catastrophic head injuries that can have long-term consequences. Furthermore, motorcycle riders are more prone to numerous injuries requiring extensive medical care. Motorcycle accidents are more likely to be fatal than other vehicle accidents. Motorcycle deaths account for 15% of all road fatalities in California. In 2017, there were 529 motorcycle deaths in California, a little under 63 for every 100,000 bikes registered.

Motorcycle accident causes

The majority of motorcycle accidents involve an automobile and a motorbike. Some of the most common causes of motorbike accidents are as follows:

  • Lane Changes without Looking for Motorcyclists: Car drivers change lanes without looking for motorcyclists in their blind spots.
  • Speeding: Whether driving a car or riding a motorcycle, speeding is a significant cause of accidents.
  • DUI: Drugs or alcohol impair the ability to operate or control any motor vehicle, mainly motorbikes.
  • Sudden halts: Stopping abruptly puts a motorcycle rider at risk of being rear-ended by a car. They face a similar danger of harm if the vehicle in front of them abruptly stops.
  • Left-turn Accidents: A motorcyclist’s misjudgement of the distance or speed of an incoming automobile is the root cause of many motorcycle accidents. This is especially common at junctions where the motorist makes a left turn. Most of these incidents are caused by a motorcyclist attempting to go right through or overtaking a car.
  • Highway Conditions: Poor signage, faulty signals, trash, and road cracks or holes can all contribute to a motorbike accident.


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